Tips For Maintaining Your Plumbing

When our plumbing is working well, we tend not to think about it.  We go about our business doing our business, washing dishes, taking showers and more.  However, when something goes wrong contacting batavia plumbing for repairs may be your only solution.  Before you have to call a plumber why not take some time to review the following tips and prevent problems before they start.

Don’t clog drains

The main reason we contact a plumber is because we have a clogged drain.  The reason behind clogged drains can be many and their solutions can be simple to complicated.  To prevent clogged drains first of all watch everything that you put near the drain.  If you want to prevent clogs you need to start at the source.  Nothing can go down a drain unless you put it there.

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Use proper drains for proper things

With the kitchen sink you want to avoid stuffing food and other items down the drain.  If you have a garbage disposal then this device can handle garbage going down the drain.  However, if you don’t have one just toss food into a trash bag. 

Oil, grease, hair and other items should not go down the drain.  Before taking a shower brush your hair with a brush to remove any lose hair.  Use a hair dryer to blow away any lose strands that may have come lose.  If you do get hair in your drains, using a strong hair drain cleaner may solve the problem.  For really bad clogs a snake or auger may be required.

Remove the trap

The first place to look for issues is the trap.  The trap is the small curved piece of pipe under your sink or drain.  The trap is used to keep gases from returning into the home.  If you have a clog, remove this piece first since it is where most of the issues will reside.  If after removing and reinstalling the trap you still have the same issues, contact a licensed plumber to do an inspection and see where the problem lies.