Top Termite Prevention Tips

When we hear the word termites, we begin to cringe and shudder in our own skins.  Before we are able to sell a house, we will be required to ensure that there are no termites causing damage to the home. To accomplish this, termite inspections staten island ny need to be done.  To ensure that you have a greater chance of passing the inspection, here are some tips and tricks that you can use to protect your home from these wood eaters.

Eliminate moisture

The one thing that termites thrive on are moist places.  This is why they like to live and feed on your houses.  Under the house is the cold, wet ground.  Above that should be a concrete slab.  This concrete slab should be your ultimate defense against termites.

Repair cracked foundations

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Make sure that your foundations are not showing sign of age.  There should be no cracks or uneven spaces.  If your foundation is cracked or showing signs of ware you will want to get if repaired as quickly as possible.  If you don’t then the termites can climb up to the surface and into your home where the nice wood, they feed on can be accessed.

Replace weather stripping

The barrier between the doors, windows and several other areas of your home is protected by weather stripping.  This weather stripping will protect your home from water, wind, rain and the other elements.  Over time the weather stripping will become worn and in need of replacing.  Make sure that you replace anything that is worn to prevent insects, especially termites from entering your home.

Keep a gap between the foundation and your wood

You want to keep at least eighteen inches between your wooden surfaces and any type of dirt surface.  This gap will ensure that the wood surface don’t become decayed and prime food for termites.